I have to admit, I've found myself accidentally writing 2017 in my journal...

December is a great time to think about the coming year and position yourself for starting the New Year strong.  Our team has been thinking and dreaming of ways we can help you as you make disciples in 2017.  Here some of the things you aren't going to want to miss:

  • Lindsey Wenzlick is our Next Steps Coach.  Her job is connecting people who want to make disciples with the organizations and churches best able to help them.  In some cases, that will be Contagious Disciple Making.  In others, that will be a partner organization or church.  In either case, Lindsey will help people take their best next step toward doing what God made them to do.  
  • Kimberly Hathaway is our new Prayer Coach.  She is going to coach our disciple-makers and partners as they develop, equip, and empower their prayer networks.  You can't have a Disciple Making Movement without a Prayer Movement and we are confident Kimberly is going to keep us on track. 
  • 30 Day Prayer Challenge - Help us beta test a new tool to help disciple-makers pray for their community.  When it launches on December 17th, you will get one email in your inbox every day for 30 days.  The email will contain a prayer theme, a verse or two of Scripture, an inspirational quote, and a sample prayer that you can use to get started. (I've also included some book recommendations into the email from time-to-time, if you want to dive deeper into a particular theme.)  You can sign up to be a beta tester here!
  • Three Disciple Making Learning Communities - If you are in Portland, OR, area and want to join other disciple-makers in applying Disciple Making Movement principles to help people who avoid church fall in love with Jesus, you might want to consider joining one of three Disciple Making Learning Communities.  Hit 'Reply' and let Paul know you are interested.
  • 12 New Webinars - We've already started planning our FREE monthly webinars for 2017!  Our last two webinars have been our largest and have drawn participants from all over the world.  Scroll down for details on this month's webinar.
  • Online Contagious Disciple Making training for busy people.  Click here for details!
Whew!  That's a lot, but there is much more where that came from!  2017 is going to be huge! 

You are awesome!

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