If You Are Going to Pray for Disciple Making Movements, You Need To Know Who You Are


“Who do you say that I am?”

This question has echoed through history. It forever changed the disciples. They were forced to answer the question and as they did, realized how that answer would impact them for the rest of their lives. Because who Jesus was, impacted who they were as his followers and closest friends. But I feel like it is a question that we also must answer for ourselves. Not in the context of Jesus, we know who he is. But, who does God say that I am? Who is, Kimberly Hathaway? Or in your case, who does God say that YOU are?

Jesus knew who he was. When he entered ministry, he had spent 32 years listening to the voice of his Father raising him to be the man he needed to be. The Messiah. A man who stood up to religious and government leaders, walked through angry crowds, and was brave enough to go after one man so demonized everyone was terrified of him. And a man who was also so gentle and merciful as He interacted with societies outcasts; the adulterers, the tax collectors, the lepers, and the prostitutes so that centuries later it still challenges us in how we view others.

This side of Heaven we will never truly know what that relationship was like as Jesus grew. How He related to the Father, but we do know that Jesus came to give us full access to the Father as well. So. The question then is; have I spent the last 35 years paying attention to who my Heavenly Father says that I am? Or was the voice of the world louder and more distracting?

In my case, I took a few detours along the way but I could now tell you in a few sentences who God says that I am. And just as easily give you the labels appointed to me by man. Knowing who God says that I am gives me courage, strength, hope, and a certainly to move forward with confidence. The labels of men make me question myself. Am I right? Are they seeing something I'm not? It brings on self doubt and fear and these things, affect how I interact with God. How I pray.

A daughter who knows she is doted on by her father, who knows without a shadow of a doubt that He loves her and respects her as a person, will approach her father with confidence. “Daddy, I want this, for this reason, will you help me?” Or a son who is strong and knows that his father enjoys working side by side with him will present a project or idea without hesitation. And while few of us had such perfect relationships with our earthly parents, this is what Jesus bought and paid for. That you could have that relationship with God.

We are going to pray for movement. To see His Kingdom come. But first, know who He says that you are. Know that you are amazing. That He made your personality, the way it is on purpose; because He likes it that way. Know that He enjoys your company. That you make Him laugh. Know that the things you care about are important to Him. Remember the Bible says you are a co-heir to Christ which means you SHARE the inheritance of Jesus. You were told to heal the sick, raise dead, cast out demons, and preach the good news. He wouldn't have told you to do something and then not given you the ability to do it. When sent to do these things, the disciples came back amazed at what had happened; and later were arguing over which of them was the greatest. KNOW that you are the greatest. And walk like it; talk like it; live like it; pray like it.



P.S. If this is an area that you are interested in growing in, I highly recommend a workbook called “The Believer's Guide to Identity & Authority” by Ivan Roman.

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  • Thank u for sharing. I love to hear from you about more on cdm movement. I go for outreach to northern part of India.
    Need u r advice
    John Paul

    John Paul

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