"Isn't Just One Committed Prayer Partner Enough?"

I am amazed at the pushback I get over mobilizing massive amounts of people to pray for a Disciple Making Movement.

When followers of Jesus are diagnosed with cancer, they mobilize everyone they meet to pray for them - strangers, friends, family, who they are really doesn't matter. But, when it comes to praying for a Disciple Making Movement, I get a tremendous amount of pushback.

"Isn't (aren't)  just one (or a few) committed prayer partner(s) enough?"

"That many? Wow!  I don't know if I have the time for that."

"Where in the Bible does it say we have to have that many people praying?"

I'm really to the point that I might let someone on my teams who hasn't finished raising their financial support over someone who hasn't put in the time to develop their prayer team.

How can God trust us with a Disciple Making Movement of hundreds of thousands when we won't even put in the work to mobilize 1,000 people to pray?

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