Teaching Local Classes Has An International Impact

This morning, I found out that someone who attended a Perspectives on The World Christian Movement class I taught many years ago caught a vision for Disciple Making Movements and took it with her to work among an Unreached People Group. She and her husband convinced their team leader to give it a try and they were trained by local partners. Pretty quickly, they found Persons of Peace and started groups. Three of those groups were recently baptized - 3 new baby churches have been started!

Stories like the one above fire me up!  They make everything worth it and make me determined to work harder and become better at what we do. Our King's servants deserve nothing less and for those that haven't had a chance to fall in love with Jesus, it's a life or death issue.

Here are some of ways we are partnering with Perspectives coordinators to mobilize more disciple-makers in 2017:
  • I am already signed up to teach twelve Perspectives classes in 2017.  
  • We've scheduled one Introduction to Contagious Disciple Making in Bend, OR, to follow up with Perspectives particpants there.  
  • We will be scheduling another online training like this one -  Introduction to Contagious Disciple Making Webinar Series - in June as a Perspectives follow-up as well.  
  • Lindsey Wenzlick, our Next Steps Coach, is working with Perspectives coordinators in Iowa to host a Next Steps 1-Day Conference  to help Perspectives participants take steps to be active disciple-makers around the world.
Take time to celebrate those three new churches while you sit with your family next to your Christmas tree today!  This will be their first Christmas as part of the family of God. We have new brothers and sisters!  Hallelujah!

Merry Christmas!


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