Why We Exist

Contagious Disciple Making is an organization focused on helping the hardest to reach people in the United States and Canada develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and transform their own communities.

What We Want To See Happen

We want to see people and communities throughout the United States and Canada transformed by the love and power of Jesus Christ through Disciple Making Movements.

How We Are Going To Make That Happen

Do It Ourselves – We hang out with people who don’t know Jesus, find those who are asking spiritual questions, start Discovery Groups to disciple them – and hopefully their friends and family – into relationships with Jesus, and catalyze Disciple Making Movements.

Help Others Get Started – We work with individuals, churches, and organizations to launch Disciple Making Teams throughout the United States and Canada. These teams pray, think of creative ways to meet people who don’t know Jesus, help spiritually seeking people connect with God, and start Disciple Making Movements.

Support People Doing It – As we learn, we develop materials to support individuals, churches, and organizations throughout the United States and Canada as they seek to reach unreached and under-reached peoples through starting Disciple Making Movements.

How We Make Decisions

Christ & His Kingdom – Who we are and what we do is centered on Christ & His Kingdom.

Disciple-Making – We help people who don’t follow Jesus become disciples of Christ and live as disciple-makers.

Collaboration – We recognize the contributions of individuals, churches, and organizations in glorifying God on this earth and we collaborate with them in completing the Great Commission.

Multiplication – We value multiplication at every level of our organization, in disciple making, and in everything we do.

Church – We want to see new churches planted and to see established churches grow as they reach the lost.

Relational – Our decisions demonstrate an intense value of people and relationships.

Effectiveness – We continually evaluate what we do at every level, always striving toward increasing our effectiveness.