Intro to Disciple Making Movements (South Carolina)


Ever had someone turn you down when you invited them to church? too.

I've studied a lot of ways to share the Gospel. I am pretty good, but there are still people who walked away without saying, 'Yes!' to Jesus.

So what can we do? Well...I'd like to share another game plan for helping people fall in love with Jesus. These things are pretty simple and have been used to successfully help some of the most difficult to reach people on the planet fall in love with Jesus. We think they will work in the United States and Canada as well.

I hope that you can make it and that you will bring a friend.

-Paul D. Watson
Founder, Contagious Disciple Making


Location: Rivercrest Presbyterian, 4766 Sunset Blvd Lexington, SC 29072

Contact: Rebecca Ewing,

July 21st Training Schedule

8:30am - Doors Open/Registration
9:00am - Intro: God is On the Move Stories
9:20am - Session 1 - Connecting with God & His Mission
10:15am - Break
10:30am - Session 2 - Finding the Seekers
11:30am - Break
11:45am - Session 3 - Helping People Discover God
1:00 pm - Lunch
2:00pm - Session 4 - Mobilizing Prayer*
3:00pm - Break
3:15pm - Session 5 - Mobilizing Disciple-Making Movements*
4:30pm - Dismissed

*Special sessions for those who are looking to lead DM teams


Session Descriptions

Intro - God is On the Move - You may have heard rumors of what God is doing through Disciple-Making Movements around the world. Paul will share some stories of how these miraculous movements have changed entire landscapes across the world and how God wants us to join Him in a Disciple-Making Movement right here!

Session 1 – Connecting with God and His Mission - To fulfill the Great Commission, we must live the Great Commandments in our everyday lives. How can we align ourselves with God's will and change our communities because of our love for Him? Paul will give practical tools to deepen your relationship with God, change how you talk with Him, and help you effectively pray for your friends and community.

Session 2 - Finding the Seekers - God is working to draw people closer to Him every day. How do we find people who are ready to hear about Him? How do we do it as part of our everyday life? How do we do it in an inviting way? In this session, Paul suggests some fun ways you can engage people and have significant spiritual conversations.

Session 3 - Helping People Discover God - Once we find people who want to learn more about God, how do we start the conversation? Paul will reveal a process that takes the pressure off and allows us to help people discover who God is as you read the Bible together.

Session 4- Mobilizing Prayer - Every movement of God has begun with “crazy prayer.” If we want to see our communities transform like never before, we must mobilize prayer for our communities to levels we have not yet attempted. But how? Paul reveals how to start prayer groups within your communities and develop a prayer movement to match your dream of community transformation.

Session 5- Mobilizing Disciple-Making Movement - As leaders, we long to not only take part in the Great Commission personally, but also help others reach their friends and neighbors as well. How can personal disciple-making become a Kingdom movement? Paul will show how to lead a team in simple, effective steps to reach every people group in your community through a proven system of disciple-making used around the world to bring millions to Christ.