Everybody Should Be Part of a Movement that is Bigger than Themselves

There are millions of people around the world who are falling in love with Jesus, forming spiritual communities, and becoming churches!  

Before they met someone like you, though, they were just people who would never go to church and never respond to a Gospel presentation.

Our team is using the stuff we've learned from these Disciple Making Movements to help you be a part of starting a movement in the USA and Canada.

Here are some things to help you get started...

Get Trained - We have free and low-cost resources designed to help you learn about movements.  

Pray for Your Neighborhood - Sign up for our Prayer Challenge and get a daily email with an inspirational quote, Bible verse, and a sample prayer you can pray for your community!  (Psst!  If you want help with prayer, Kimberly Hathaway is awesome!  Connect with her here.)

Connect with a Coach - We have several coaches that can help you find what you need.  (Psst!  I would recommend Paul Watson.  He is great at helping people like you think through what it means to start a Disciple Making Movement.) 

Check Out Our Blog - Several of our team members share their thoughts on various topics related to Disciple Making Movements on our blog.  Check out what they wrote and share your questions in the comments.

Read the Book - Paul Watson and his father, David Watson, wrote a book talking about Disciple Making Movements.  You can buy it on Amazon.