Everybody Should Have a Chance to be Part of a Fun and Meaningful Spiritual Community

Ever invited someone to church and had them turn you down?  

Yeah...us too.

What if you could help them - and a few friends - fall in love with Jesus together and start a fun and meaningful spiritual community?  

Eventually they may decide they want to join an awesome church in your neighborhood. Or, they may decide to start their own.  

Jesus wins either way!

We can help you start small Discovery Groups that eventually become small spiritual communities.

Get Trained - We have free and low-cost resources designed to help you start meaningful spiritual community.  

Pray for Your Neighborhood - Sign up for our Prayer Challenge and get a daily email with an inspirational quote, Bible verse, and a sample prayer you can pray for your community!

Connect with a Coach - We have several coaches that can help you find what you need.  (Psst!  I would recommend Lindsey Wenzlick.  She is great at helping people like you figure out their next step.)