Everybody Should Have a Chance to Fall in Love with Jesus

 Ever presented the Gospel to a stranger and had them say, "No?"

Yep...we've been there.

There are also a whole lot of people who are never going to respond to a Gospel presentation without getting to know you first.

So...how do we help people like that fall in love with Jesus?

Glad you asked!  :-) 

We can help!

Get Trained - We have free and low-cost resources designed to help you get started and help your friends and neighbors fall in love with Jesus.  

Pray for Your Neighborhood - Sign up for our Prayer Challenge and get a daily email with an inspirational quote, Bible verse, and a sample prayer you can pray for your community!

Connect with a Coach - We have several coaches that can help you find what you need.  (Psst!  I would recommend Lindsey Wenzlick.  She is great at helping people like you figure out their next step.)