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Discovery Moments: When God's Word Makes Them Say, "Aha!"

Updated: May 3, 2021

God reveals who He is to unbelievers through Scripture

"It is written in the Prophets, ‘And they will all be taught by God.’ Everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to me" —John 6:45

God's Word is powerful. When we invite unbelievers to dive into Scripture with us, God reveals who He is to them. John 6:45 promises that everyone who learns directly from the Father comes to Jesus. What better way to learn from God than to read His Word?

Here are some of what we call Discovery Moments. These are moments when God causes those seeking Him to declare, "Aha!"

Leviticus Leads Ladies to The Cross

Joleene started a Discovery Bible Study with several ladies she met while playing Bunco in her neighborhood. As they read stories from Genesis to Jesus, they learned truths about God and people they hadn't considered before. Their response to Leviticus surprised her. Taken aback, one of the ladies exclaimed, "All the violence and blood! This is so gross and terrible!"

Right on the heels of her reaction, another woman asked, "Is there a connection between the violence of these sacrifices and the violence Jesus experienced on the cross?"

"Is there a connection?" the first lady demanded. "How are they connected?"

Joleene spent the rest of their time together telling them the stories from where they were in Genesis to Jesus' death and resurrection. Before they left, two of the ladies surrendered their lives to Jesus. Recently, our community celebrated their baptism!

Muslim Man Blown Away by Isaiah 53

Rob started a Discovery Bible Study with an international Muslim friend Amar. After several weeks, they read Isaiah 53.

Amar was blown away. "This is so amazing!" He exclaimed, "This man is perfect and never sinned, but took my punishment. I can't believe someone would do that for me!" Catch the rest of the story here.

Man Stops Lying to His Customers

Ali’s friend struggled with the story of God’s curse on the world after Adam and Eve sinned. “What?” he interjected, “This doesn’t seem fair! Because they made this mistake, everyone else needs to suffer?”

Resisting the temptation to give him the answer, Chloe turned his attention back to the story. “Well, what does the passage say?”

Later, after Chloe asked, "If you believe this story is from God, what must you change in your life?" Ali's friend declared, “I’m not going to lie to my customers this week.”

Chloe marveled. "Wow! Where did you get that?"

“I realize from this story that I need to obey and do what God wants,” Ali’s friend admitted. “So, I need to stop lying to my customers.”


Free Podcast: Don't Start With Jesus

When you are helping someone discover God, where do you start? This podcast explores the importance of the Creation to Christ Scripture list when doing a Discovery Bible Study.

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