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"The philosophy and strategy of
disciple making movements"

     The Philosophy and Strategy of Disciple Making Movements teaches the Biblical and philosophical basis of disciple-making methods while revealing the strategies that are unique to DMM. This course is crucial, unique, and extremely practical for those who are looking to be leaders and organizers of disciple making whether you’re in the US, Canada, or the world. It includes topics, materials, tools, and discussions that are not included in any other training.


Dates: June 21 - Aug 16, 2023

Possible Times: Wednesdays 8:15-10:45am PST

(Classes determined by demand)


Paul new pic 3.jpg

Paul Watson

Founder & Movement Coach

Paul is really good at helping people think through the big picture of what it would take to be a part of starting a movement in their city, state, or province.

     Paul grew up witnessing the birth of modern Disciple Making Movement as his parents worked among an unreached people group in Northern India.  Later, God called him to devote his life to helping people fall in love with Jesus by training disciple-makers and their teams around the world.

     Paul founded Contagious Disciple Making to apply the principles of Disciple Making Movement in the US and Canada so that people who wouldn't normally go to church would have a chance to fall in love with Jesus and live in spiritual community.

Beck speaker.jpg

Rebecca Ewing

CEO & Strategy and Personal Coach

Beck is really good at helping busy people explore the intersection of disciple-making and lasting social change so they can see their place in God's plan to redeem their families, cities, and nation.

     After working as the Pro-life Coalition Leader for South Carolina in the 2016 Presidential primary election,  Rebecca helped build a non-profit to equip Christians in cultural activism and network among those already active within their culture and community. 

     She created Gospel Engagement Teams that train Christians in apologetics, Biblical worldview, and evangelism and organize participants to culturally engage and transform their cities for Christ.

How It Works

This course meets weekly for 11 weeks. Though we cover a broad scope of information in depth, we believe in interactive and transformative learning. We assign reading, podcasts, videos, quizzes, and discussions that are tailored to encourage practical application, integration into daily life, and self-reflection so that we can discuss the strategic application and difficult issues in class.  


Lessons 1-5: Discovery Scriptures and Philosophy of Disciple Making Movement
Lesson 6: The Counter-Intuitives of DMM
Lesson 7: Expanded Strategic Elements of DMM 
Lesson 8: Expanded Strategic Elements of DMM 2
Lesson 9: DM Tools and Mobilizing DMM
Lesson 10: Prayer Movement
Lesson 11: Church and Leadership Development
Lesson 12: Coaching Basics

CDM Book (required to purchase for class)
Webinars and Podcasts (included in the price of the class)

  • Intro to DMM Series

  • Prayer Movement Series

  • Discovery Bible Study

  • Praying for Movement

  • Effective Engagement

  • How to Start DMC

  • Mobilizing People for Movement

  • Prayer Calendar

Class Only


Perfect for those who want to start learning about the biblical principles behind DMM and how to apply it to their ministry!

Class & coaching package


Perfect for those who want to start learning about the biblical principles behind DMM, how to apply it, and get personalized coaching to support their unique ministry!

class & coaching package, monthly

$250.00/mo for 4 months

Perfect for those who want to start learning about the biblical principles behind DMM, how to apply it, and get personalized coaching to support their ministry on a budget!

Perfect for small groups, ministry teams, and organizations that are looking to train their entire team in DMM and catalyze movement in their neighborhoods, communities, and cities!




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