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empowering you to multiply

No movement of God

was started without coaching since its founding

Knowing about the principles of disciple-making and movement DNA is one thing. Applying it to your ministry and your unique mission and everyday life is another. That's why consistent, individualized coaching is so important. As we talk together, we can identify your opportunities, solve problems, and make the most of your time, projects, and teams. 


After watching the founding of disciple-making movement in India and Africa, I have spent 15 years coaching individuals and teams from all around the world, and I'd love for you to join our CDM team of coached disciple-makers who have a passion to see a movement of God where they are. All the coaches here at CDM love empowering others to be world-changing disciple-makers! Message my team to set up a consultation call so that we can chat to see how we can help you.

Join the team of disciple-Makers from around the US and the world




Movement DNA


A promise of the Kingdom is explosive growth. We can help you identify and apply the methods of movement to see this kingdom growth where you are.




Leadership Pipeline

How can you grow your next generation of leaders?Movement is about making disciples who make disciples who are fully equipped for leadership.






How can you reach your neighbors and entire surrounding community with the love and Gospel of Christ?  We can show you how.




outside the church walls

Broken families, orphans, abortion, poverty, violence: How can you meet the needs of those in your communities? Discover how you can make a real difference.

coaching opportunities

1 on 1 Coaching

We help you apply the DM principles to your Great Commission assignment. Plan and develop goals and baby steps to make a difference.



Two 30 minute sessions

per month


group coaching

Multiply your leadership in half the time. We develop your team of disciple-makers together, improving group dynamics and team mission.




Two 45 minute sessions

per month

*Price dbt on size of team

church/ministry coaching

We help you develop a plan to apply movement DNA into all of your ministry for maximum effectiveness and strength. We will work with both your top leadership and key lay leaders to unify everyone in reaching your community.


*Price and format tBD on scope of services


Joleene Burts

Home-school mother/wife from Escondido, CA

"Contagious Disciple Making and the personal coaching from Paul Watson has provided me and my family with the vision, practical steps and encouragement we’ve needed to live out the Great Commandment and Great Commission in our neighborhood and community of Escondido, CA. In less than a year, we’ve launched a monthly Community Prayer Gathering, started 2 Discovery Bible Studies, led 8 people to Christ and began a Disciple Making Community to train believers how to make disciples. I’m grateful that the Lord connected me with CDM and am looking forward to seeing what God will do in my community as more laborers go into the harvest!"

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Jack McCarty_edited.jpg

Jack McCarty

Prison Chaplain from Amarillo, TX

michael dorsett

Pastor from Liberty, TX

“After truly seeing in scripture that we as believers have one commission, and that is to make disciples, I began a search on how to do that.  After reading ["Contagious Disciple-Making"], I had real questions. Mostly, I saw all of this information and strategies, but I was overwhelmed with where to start.

In just a short time, Paul has helped me to develop a plan to implement discipleship movement in our church congregation. It hasn't been more information, but rather specific plans that have shown to get our people in the process of fulfilling the great commission. As a pastor, I am able to look at our congregation and know, not just hope, that the lay people are working at developing disciples. Paul has helped me to focus my desires into plans that I have taught to others.


If your desire is to be obedient to the command of Jesus and make disciples and you don't know how to start, I highly recommend Paul Watson and his coaching ministry!  The Kingdom of God will be advanced when you take these proven strategies and apply them to your life and ministry.

Thanks Paul for helping me make sense of our calling.”

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