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Do you want to join our vision?

The Need

In our postmodern, post-Christian world we see brokenness and addiction, division and struggles for power, sexual perversion and rebellion against truth, both refugees and citizens struggling in need. Our society has become more and more corrupted. Trouble and dysfunction are on the rise. Every family has felt the effects of these things, whether around the globe or right next door. For many, the church is no longer the place where they look to find answers to life's deepest questions and needs.

But Jesus commands us to bring the solution to them and to our cities. He commands us to pray, seek His face, and repent of our disobedience. AND He commands us to go: to love our neighbors, help the needy, bring freedom to the captive, heal the sick, and bring justice to corruption and to the oppressed….

To make disciples who make disciples who make disciples.

To see His Kingdom come on Earth, our communities experience compassion, justice, healing and to help those far from God find their way to His table.

What we want to see happen?

  • Total City Transformation. We want to see God’s will happen here on Earth as it is in heaven. What would your city look like if His will happened everywhere and in everything? We partner with God to transform our cities by meeting the needs of our communities and bringing freedom from brokenness and sin.

  • Reactivation of the Church. We revitalize the Church by planting Disciple-Making Communities among local churches and believers.who will pray, develop relationships with unbelievers and their families, do good works, and share stories from God’s Word in hopes of them reading the Bible and discovering Jesus.

  • Disciple Making Movement among the Lost. We fulfill the Great Commission by starting Discovery Bible Studies that multiply in every social circle.

We want to see churches, spiritual communities, and individuals from around each area to work together to intercede for their cities, counties, states, and nations and seek this total transformation manifest.

How does CDM embrace this vision:

Contagious Disciple Making (CDM) is a non-profit organization focused on empowering everyday Christians to become world changing disciples. We catalyze Disciple Making Movements around the world through coaching, community, and communication. The goal of CDM is to equip Disciple Making Teams in every state in the United States, every province in Canada, and every country around the world. We develop these teams into Disciple Making Hubs comprised of churches, organizations, and individuals who work together to do good works, raise prayer, permeate communities and culture, and seek to transform all areas and facets of their city.

We are building a global community of disciple-makers who team together to raise extraordinary prayer, reach all peoples, and start Disciple Making Movements across the world, both in North America and abroad. CDM believes in genuine community and support. We meet regularly with those whom we coach and provide consistent strategic support while our community building members value pastoral care, lasting friendship, and comradeship among our committed teammates. We are constantly innovating more tools, workshops, classes, and instructional methods to develop mature disciple-makers and disciple-making leaders to overcome challenges, mobilize their circles of influences, and catalyze Disciple Making Movements where they are.

We create educational resources, ministry tools, and inspirational media to aid ourselves and those whom we coach and mobilize to know how to live out the Great Commission and make a difference in their local communities. Our newly developed Contagious Disciple Making App showcases hundreds of pieces of podcasts, blogs, worksheets, and videos as well as connecting our global community together with our events and CDM Prayer Page. From here, we want to build a full media studio, developing full production shows, a Disciple Making Magazine, movie instructional and documentary series, print non-fiction books, and a global prayer app.

Anyone on the CDM team needs to be a follower of Jesus who is growing in their faith and wants to make disciples as part of their everyday life. They will support the Contagious Disciple Making Team which is made up of pastors, missionaries, professionals, homeschooling moms and millennials all around the world. We are looking for people of high maturity and character. They would need to take ownership of their work, problem solve, display good people skills, learn quickly, and work hard while being trustworthy, flexible, highly organized, self-motivated, and committed to excellence.

Multiple Opportunities

While not required, applicants who have skills in multiple areas could be considered for more hours up to a full-time position. And those with greater skills sets, experience, and/or productivity will be able to advance their career and salary.

At this time, there is not a requirement of location or relocation for these positions. However, if you are located within the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX; Portland, OR; San Diego, CA; or Greenville, SC areas, then there is a greater opportunity for employment and long-term development of the CDM Mission.


Equipment & Ministry Expectations

CDM operates a virtual office. While these are part time positions - 10-20 hours per week, any applicant will be scheduled to work between 8 am PST and 4pm PST. If the applicant has the skills, interest, and capacity to serve in multiple functions, he/she could be hired for more hours even to the level of full-time. CDM team members are expected to participate in our weekly team and community meetings. Consequently, team members will need the following:

  • Laptop - PC or Mac

  • HD Webcam

  • Earphones

  • External Mic

  • High-speed Internet suitable for uninterrupted video conferencing

During business and community meetings and tasks, the administrative support person will be expected to maintain a business casual appearance as well as a quiet and organized work environment during business hours.

Applicants can send an email with cover letter, resume, and three references attached as PDFs to


This team member will support our community and staff through scheduling, invoicing, bookkeeping, customer service, managing CDM's communications, and editing emails and other documents.


  • Book Keeping

  • Invoicing and Accounts payable

  • Scheduling

  • Manage Team Email

  • Client and Community Service and Support

  • Write and edit marketing messaging materials, CDM community stories about disciple-making, and emails

  • Working with an accountant to make sure all IRS filings are made in a timely manner.

  • Personal Disciple-making and growth as a follower of Jesus

  • Help facilitate regular CDM Prayer Gatherings

  • Help support and build our growing global CDM community and CDM staff


Any person applying for this position needs the following:

  • A growing relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Alignment and working toward personally practicing Contagious Disciple Making principles in their everyday life

  • Ability to quickly become proficient with and use the following apps daily:

  • Ability to coordinate schedules and a myriad of meetings across multiple timezones.

  • Ability to coordinate with teammates and clients across multiple timezones.

  • Ability to provide excellent customer support and helpful and careful communication while using several communication venues (phone, texting, email, zoom, etc)

  • Other qualities: driven towards excellence, a self-starter, trustworthy, and hardworking.

Production Specialist

What's special about our Production

We create educational resources, ministry tools, and inspirational media to aid those whom we coach and mobilize to know how to live out the Great Commission and make a difference in their local communities. These resources are used by everyday Christians, missionaries, pastors, and organizational leaders around the world. Because of the unique topics and innovative nature of our resourcs, the demand for our media has expanded, and we receive more and more requests for them to be translated into various languages.

Our production team develops instructional videos, illustrating the foundational concepts we teach our community. These have been shared around the world, and we want to continue to improve our production quality as we grow our team.

Example: Disciple Making Community Video

We have a library of over 250 CDM podcasts. In our podcasts, we teach disciple making concepts and detail tips and how-to’s while we tell stories of movement and everyday disciple-making. Our podcasts act as mini-instructional audio guides that we constantly refer to and use in our classes, coaching, and equipping. 

Our Contagious Disciple Making app showcases hundreds of pieces of podcasts, blogs, worksheets, and videos as well as connecting our global community together with our events and CDM Prayer Page. This app allows our community to easily research, review, and share these resources in an user-friendly interface.

Our production team also creates, builds, and maintains our website, promotional materials, and social media. We consistently grow and use Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and even Pinterest—complete with reels, stories, and live feeds-- to encourage believers, spur others to good works, develop community, teach disciple-making, and attract Christians into participating in the Great Commission, Great Commandment, and disciple-making.

We innovate and create new worksheets, educational materials, graphically attractive email campaigns, instructional blogs, and tools to help others learn the skills of disciple-making and leading and mobilizing others. These tools often make the difference between students remaining stuck and feeling empowered to accomplish things they would feel unable to do otherwise.

From here, we want to build a full media studio, developing an even more comprehensive educational resource library, full production shows, a Disciple Making Magazine, video instructional and documentary series, print non-fiction books, and a global prayer app.

Where you come in

We are currently taking our production to the next level and expanding our media production and educational resource development team. Since we teach all of our team members our messaging and disciple-making methods so that they can fully participate in mobilizing others to make disciples through their skills and talents, applicants will need to have a passion for learning disciple-making as well as how to help others learn how to make disciples as well. There are multiple opportunities available in these areas, and those who have skills in multiple areas will fit into our culture the most effectively. We are looking for experienced and driven team members with these skills:

Writing & Content Development

Since we produce promotional, narrative, and educational resources and materials, we need writers who are both creative and technical, enjoying story-telling while explaining disciple-making concepts clearly and simply. They will be writing blogs, storytelling articles, instructional emails and booklets and pamphlets, promotional materials, website content, video and podcast scripts, social media content, and more. 

Video Production (Writing, Filming, Editing)

Do you have a passion to motivate and inspire through video? Since we develop a variety of videos from whiteboard to b-roll to live action formats, our video and audio specialist will need a variety of skills and grow in using new mediums to communicate the disciple-making vision and concepts. Our video team must be able to work quickly and effectively as we have produced videos weekly and only anticipate increasing our video production.

Social Media & email communications

Social media and email communications are more than just posting a few quotes or sending info on upcoming events. We are hoping to inspire, activate, and connect the Christian populace using the main media outlets available to us. We are looking for innovative and dedicated social media builders who are willing to produce and problem solve to grow our social media influence as well as funnel more Christians into becoming active with CDM and disciple-making. Much more than sending announcements, CDM emails are used to instruct, take our readers on journeys, and motivate them with stories from our community.


Do you have a passion for storytelling and communication? We need production specialists who can interview Christians from around the world, showcase their experiences, and highlight disciple-making in podcasts, videos, and articles. Excellent writing and people skills are a must in this area as well as being able to effectively verbally communicate, instruct, and inspire.

Graphic Design

Digital art and design permeates all we do: from creating clip art and logos, visuals for our social media, and designs for our print materials and booklets, website and app platforms, and email campaigns. We are looking for someone who can learn how to design our brand as well as help us take our visual designs to new heights. Again, we produce visual elements and even worksheets on short deadlines sometimes, so we are looking for someone who can work quickly, yet take great pride in perfecting their work.

App & Website Development

Those that have the ability to code or have experience in building attractive and user friendly apps and websites will find in us a place where they can innovate and expand what it means to do ministry through technology. While we have advanced in the past year by building our new CDM app, we want team that can help us create new solutions and ways to communicate with people, connect people to each other, equip them digitally, and create community using technology. We hope to continue to build more features to our app and website as well as eventually develop our own specialized global prayer app.

Fundraise Campaigning

Conducting full-range fundraising campaigns, telling the story of what God has done through our community and inviting others to join us is key to accomplishing our mission As our team grows, so will our need to build support for our vision, and our production team is an engine for raising the support needed to fulfill the passions God has laid on our hearts. We are looking for team members who can boldly embrace fundraising as a part of seeking God’s mission and what He is calling us to do.

Production Manager

Do you want an opportunity to build and innovate media and communication platforms that mobilize and equip Christians to do the work of the Lord? Acting as both strategic leader and executor, we want someone who will take ownership of building and maintaining an excellent, high-producing media team as well as developing and expanding CDM’s production to include more branches, projects, and functions.

Feel free to apply to more than one position if you have the interest and capability.

Let's Work Together

We are filling these positions right away, so apply now for a chance to join our team!

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