Can You Handle a Person of Peace?

Updated: Aug 5

How do you know if you’re ready to find a person of peace?

“Person of peace” is a loaded term in the DMM community. In this week’s mini blog based on the latest episode of the CDM Podcast, we’re going to look at common misconceptions about persons of peace, as well as what it takes to be the kind of disciple maker who is ready to connect with one. So let’s hit the afterburner and launch right in!

DM and Dogfighting

For many disciple makers, particularly those of us just starting out, it can be so easy to fixate on the concept of the person of peace, thinking they will be our golden ticket to Disciple Making Movement.

However, most disciple makers are no more ready to be entrusted with a person of peace than an aspiring pilot fresh out of Officer Candidate School is ready to fly a sixty-five-million-dollar F/A-18 Super Hornet off a moving aircraft carrier.

[Cue shameless plug for “Top Gun: Maverick.”]

If you haven’t seen “Top Gun: Maverick,” finish reading this blog and then go see it. It’s the perfect summer blockbuster with an exciting story, epic aerial cinematography, and none of the woke culture nonsense that has made so much of modern entertainment hot garbage. I’ve seen it three times in theaters and would be down to go again, so hit me up. I’ll buy the popcorn.

I’m also going to use it as today’s object lesson. Top Gun, I mean…not popcorn.

A New Kind of Hard

For an aspiring fighter pilot, it takes hundreds and thousands of hours of classes, simulations and sorties to acquire the skills and understanding they need to man a regular flying aluminum can, let alone a supersonic one with guns on it. The same goes for disciple-makers and persons of peace.

Like the pilot who just wants to skip training and jump straight to flying Mach-2 with their hair on fire, we often want to jump right into finding a person of peace without considering whether we have put in the time it takes to become a disciple worth multiplying who would attract a person of peace or even know how to be entrusted with one.