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Don't Censor Scripture

Never shy away from intense parts of the Bible—Zach's story displays how you never know what God wants to teach!

Rob is a disciple-maker who recently began a Discovery Bible Study (DBS) with his LGBTQ friend Zach. Click here to read how that DBS started. Once they got to the story of Noah and the flood, Rob was worried. Would Zach think God is overly harsh? However, Rob’s expectations were smashed, and God showed remarkable truth to Zach!

Does the Noah Story Portray an Angry God?

God has richly blessed my Discovery Bible Study with Zach. Ever since we began several months ago, we’ve rarely missed a week. In addition to our regular guitar lessons and DBS, we often spend extended time together walking, talking, sharing meals, and playing games. Most recently, we read the Genesis 6-7 story of Noah. After finishing the passage, I asked, “What does this teach us about God?”

“Wow. God is pissed,” Zach commented, reflecting on how God just destroyed nearly all of humanity. “This is a pretty brutal passage.”

Zach’s comments worried me—was this story going to give him a negative view of God? However, his next thought dispelled my fears.

God Revealed Profound Principles to an Unbeliever

“I like trying to see the principles we can learn from these Bible stories. For example, I always thought God just told Noah, ‘Okay, go build a boat!’ But here I see God gave Noah extremely detailed instructions on how he was to obey. And because he obeyed, God gave life to Noah and his family.” “That’s awesome!” I smiled. As we continued reflecting on the passage, I asked, “Well, if this is true, what difference will it make in our life in the next 24 hours or week?”

Zach pondered for a moment. “When God tells you something, you need to listen. You need to make sure it is from Him, and when you hear, you need to follow His instructions carefully!”

I was astonished. God revealed this truth to Zach, a person far from God and steeped in New Age thinking and the LGBTQ community.

Zach is Tangibly Obeying God

“What do you think God is telling you, Zach?” “I think God wants me to talk to my mom,” he replied. “We just had a pretty heated argument last week, and I don’t feel like things are right between us. God wants me to talk to her, clear the air, and make sure we’re okay.” “What will you do this week to make that happen?” I asked. “I will call my mom and talk through this,” Zach committed, “and I’ll make sure I prioritize listening over speaking, and empathy over judgement.” I was so pleased with how God led Zach to obey this truth in such a tangible way. After sharing how I would obey as well and talking through who we would share with, we concluded our DBS for the week. I’m excited to see how God will continue to move in Zach and draw him to Jesus. Please pray for him!


Lessons Learned

Rob and Zach’s story communicates that you should never shy away from certain Scripture passages. Rob was afraid Zach would see God as overly harsh, but instead, the Holy Spirit revealed amazing truths. If you try to censor Scripture, you may stifle the Spirit’s speaking power. We also learn that you should never assume what kinds of people will be interested in God’s Word. Zach is not exactly someone you would think would want to read and obey the Bible. But God is clearly drawing him!


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