How God Used a DBS to Grow a Longtime Evangelist

Penelope’s Aunt Edith is an evangelist in California who felt like God was calling her to learn DBS. Today’s story is about how choosing to be obedient to share a Bible passage with one other person led Edith to see how God can work mightily through the Discovery structure. Here is Penelope to share all about her Aunt Edith’s story!

Edith Felt Called to Learn about DBS 

    My aunt Edith is in her seventies and she’s an evangelist to the core. It’s amazing to see how God uses her because she has so many limitations — she’s legally blind, her hearing isn’t great, and she struggles with depression and anxiety. Even so, whether she’s on the bus, at Walmart, or strolling through her neighborhood, she’s always looking for ways to share Jesus with people.      

Eventually she heard about DBS and felt like it was something God wanted her to learn about, so she started attending our DMC on Sundays. It was a little overwhelming for her at first because the DBS format is more structured than she’s used to. For Edith, her interactions with people are usually spontaneous, based on what she hears the Lord telling her, so the DBS was something totally different.

Starting a DBS with a Filipino Neighbor Led to Her Own Personal Obedience      

Despite her initial uncertainty, Edith decided to give DBS a try starting with Julia, a Filipino woman in the neighborhood where she lives with my parents. When it came time for their first DBS meeting, my aunt was really nervous because she’d never done anything like this before and had no idea what to expect. Mostly, I think she was concerned that the structure of it all would stifle the Holy Spirit’s work.      

She confessed that she was nervous to Julia, who promptly reassured her that they would just try it out and see what happens.      

When they finished reading Genesis 1 and got to the question of who they could share the story with before they met again, this was untrodden territory for Edith. Even though she had shared with tons of people about Jesus, it was almost always unplanned, so the practice of choosing someone to share with ahead of time was not in her wheelhouse.      

In response to the question, Edith told Julia, “I don’t know who I’ll share with yet, but I’d like to share with a neighbor that God leads me to, so I will pray and see who that is.”      

A big thing to know about my Aunt Edith is that she is someone who does what she says she’s going to do. When she says she’s going to pray about something, that’s not just a Christian cop out. She prays and then she actually obeys what the Lord shows her.