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Prayer Led My Friend Back to The Bible

God accomplishes the remarkable through our prayers

Anna lives and works in the Middle East. She read stories of disciple-making movements around the world and it excited and challenged her. She doubted that God would use her to start a movement. God had a different plan. Here is her story!

Strategic Divine Appointment

I met Layla, my Muslim friend, in a guest house in the Middle East. I chose to live at the guest house because it seemed like a gathering place for people from many nations. Layla and I bonded over our shared love for her culture and language. I prayed and asked God would give me many opportunities over the next few weeks to engage and share with her.

Eventually, I gave Layla a Bible. After a while, she came back and said, “I’ve never read the New Testament before, but I see that the God described here is kind and compassionate. That’s not what I see in Islam. But I’m looking for the truth.”

I asked, “Would you like to read these stories together?” She agreed. After our first Discover Bible Study (DBS), however, she preferred to read on her own.

The Path Back to The Bible

Later, Layla moved to the States. Out of the blue, she called me and asked, “Anna, I know you’re a believer in Jesus. Can we just start praying together?”

“Of course, I would love that!” I replied.

So, we met for prayer. The next week, I asked her if God answered. “Yes, I feel peace from God," she said, "despite my big transition of moving here and my husbands stressful studies!”

I felt led to invite her to try DBS again. I asked Layla, “If you see that God is answering your prayers, would you like to learn more about this God?”

"Yes, I would,” Layla replied, “I’m so lost and depressed. I need God and I want to know Him.”

Disciple People Into a Relationship with Jesus

I don’t know what changed with Layla. I only know that God is working in her heart. Layla eagerly shares the stories every week with her husband and a friend from her home country. Her friend, in particular, is very interested and wants to hear more!

I pray that Layla will start another Discovery Bible Study with her friend. I worried about the language barrier. However, if Layla facilitates the DBS, I don’t have to know the language,

The other day, Layla told me she prayed for friends and family daily. It was like she had her own Prayer Calendar before she even said “yes” to following God. The DBS, sharing the stories with her friends, and prayer are all important habits of disciple-makers. Once she says “yes” to Jesus, I have no doubt that she will be a disciple-maker on fire for Him.

Ask God to give Layla discernment. She needs to know that God’s Word is the one and only truth! Currently, Layla mixes new age thinking, Islam, and Biblical teachings all together. Pray for the truth of Scripture to cut through the fog and bring Layla to surrender to Jesus!

Lessons Learned from Anna's Story:

First, there is power in thinking strategically about where you live and minister. Anna realized that a guest house was a prime location to meet people from many nations. If she cloistered herself in house full of only Christians, she and Layla would not have met. Secondly, prayer is powerful. Once Layla experienced God’s peace through prayer, she experienced a heart shift. Finally, disciple-makers disciple people to conversion, not convert people before they become disciples. Layla didn’t say “yes” to Jesus before Anna invited her to read, obey, and share God’s Word. Layla is learning what it means to be a disciple of Jesus before she surrenders to Him.


Podcast: The Importance of Prayer in Movements

"The only way to walk with God is through prayer." Prayer was the driving force behind the Disciple Making Movement David Watson saw in India. Click here listen to David tell the story.

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