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The Evangelist in a Minefield

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Here’s a story from December 2020 of a remarkable person named Ahmad. Having spent many weeks engaging in a Discovery Bible Study facilitated by a member of CDM’s Coached Team, Ahmad is close to giving his life to Jesus. Read how this Muslim security guard is sharing stories from Scripture with unbelievers in dangerous situations!

A Muslim Who Obeys and Shares the Bible

Ahmad is a security guard in the Middle East. He is questioning his Islamic faith due to the terrorization of his people by ISIS. After working with a member of my church, he started to tune into our live-stream church services.

A member of my Disciple-Making Community who knew Ahmad suggested we invite him to do a Discovery Bible Study (DBS). I contacted Ahmad and asked him if he would like to walk through the Bible with me. He eagerly agreed.

Our weekly meetings and reading of the Bible continue to fascinate me. Ahmed’s adherence to the DBS pattern is better than anyone I have ever met. He consistently makes clear “I Will” statements of how he will obey God’s Word.

Nearly every week, he retells the story from Scripture to fellow security guards and friends. Though he’s received positive reactions, he has also received terrible reactions. However, that doesn’t stop him.

Speaking Stories of God Amidst Danger

Recently, Ahmad was providing security for a team that defuses bombs ISIS planted. Ahmad and a U.N. colleague from Europe found themselves in the middle of a dangerous, bomb- filled area.

The colleague was shaken. “I’m really nervous—I think we should call in for help and not move!”

He shared the story of how God provided the ram for Abraham and Isaac. “We just need to pray; I know God will provide!”

Ahmad’s colleague hesitated, “I’m okay with the idea of God, but I don’t know about this.” Eventually, Ahmad and his colleague safely escaped the minefield. Afterward, the colleague admitted, “Well, I guess the prayer did work!”

Ahmad continues to speak with his colleague about spirituality. Recently, I saw Ahmad on a Zoom call and next to him sat the same colleague!

“Based on our recent experience,” Ahmad’s colleague shared, “I know there’s a God. I’m not so sure about the Bible, but I know God exists.”

Discovering Jesus in Scripture

Sometime after this, we had a DBS on Isaiah 53. Ahmad kept asking me, “Who is this man? Who is this person on whom God laid all my sin?”

I didn’t tell him. “Who do you think it is?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Well,” I said, “you just need to hang on until the next couple of stories, then you’ll find out!”

Later, we read about the baptism and anointing of Jesus where God rests on him like a dove and says, “This is my Son in whom I am well pleased.”

Ahmad smiled at me, “I think I’m starting to understand who that man was in Isaiah 53.” Walking with Ahmad on his spiritual journey fills me with joy. Ahmad is hungry for Scripture. We pray earnestly and mobilize prayer for him to take the next step. Ahmad is on the cusp of entrusting his life to Christ

Lessons Learned from Ahmad’s Story

God can use anyone—even unbelievers—to draw people to Himself. Ahmad is not yet a believer, but God used him to cause his U.N. coworker to rethink his faith. Always remember to ask the essential DBS question, “With whom will you share this story?”

Don’t feed answers when doing DBS—let God’s Word speak for itself! Though it may seem counterintuitive, giving seekers all the answers to their questions immediately can stilt the discovery process. We can trust God to communicate truth in His timing as long as we continuously point people back to Scripture.

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