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Volunteer Team

November 25th - November 30th, 2021 | Local Teams

How can you further mobilize your friends and faith community to pray for and participate in disciple-making? 


Form a team to walk the streets of your city for our Prayer Walk-A-Thon. We believe that as they walk among and pray for their communities, they will be burdened by the brokenness around them while gaining insight as to where to begin. All the while, you're promoting disciple-making and empowering CDM to further the mission by utilizing our person-to-crowd (P2C) fundraising software.

Join or register a team to get started on your journey!

How it works

The CDM team will help you all along the way to plan your prayer walk. We will provide your team with:

Informational materials

A prayer guide

A personal P2C team link you can send to friends to sponsor or join your walk

A CDM T-shirt and/or Wristband

Recruit a team to walk a portion of your city.
You determine:

  • Where you are going to walk

  • What day and time you are going to walk.​ (Choose any time from Thanksgiving through Giving Tuesday.)

  • What fundraising goal you are going to set for your team.

  • Register each team member for the walk.

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