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Meet The Team


Paul Watson

Founder & Movement Coach

Paul is really good at helping people think through the big picture of what it would take to be a part of starting a movement in their city, state, or province.

     Paul grew up witnessing the birth of modern Disciple Making Movement as his parents worked among an unreached people group in Northern India.  Later, God called him to devote his life to helping people fall in love with Jesus by training disciple-makers and their teams around the world.

     Paul founded Contagious Disciple Making to apply the principles of Disciple Making Movement in the US and Canada so that people who wouldn't normally go to church would have a chance to fall in love with Jesus and live in spiritual community.

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Rebecca Ewing

CEO & Strategy and Personal Coach

Beck is really good at helping busy people explore the intersection of disciple-making and lasting social change so they can see their place in God's plan to redeem their families, cities, and nation.

     After working as the Pro-life Coalition Leader for South Carolina in the 2016 Presidential primary election,  Rebecca helped build a non-profit to equip Christians in cultural activism and network among those already active within their culture and community. 

     She created Gospel Engagement Teams that train Christians in apologetics, Biblical worldview, and evangelism and organize participants to culturally engage and transform their cities for Christ.


Misheel Mandalsaikhan

Graphic Design and Marketing

Misheel is an excellent communicator who enjoys connecting people together, tying loose ends, and solving problems! She is passionate about serving the Lord by serving those who take the difficult path of evangelizing and discipling un-believers!

     Misheel graduated from Lesley University with a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a focus in Art Therapy and Indiana Wesleyan University with a Bachelor's Degree in Pre-Art Therapy. During her Master's in Boston, she supported the socioemotional development of immigrant and disenfranchised youth in Christian afterschool programs. In addition, she supported the socioemotional development of elders with Alzheimer's, dementia, and age-related health issues in a Community Health Center.
     She hopes to pursue her Ph.D in Social Psychology to study the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and, eventually, start a non-profit for Inner City Youth.


Becky Lindley

Executive Administrative Assistant

Becky helps connect the members of our community together through administrative support! Becky love spending time with her family and working on hear realtor business on the side!


Ricky Pope

Production Specialist

Ricky Pope is a production specialist with CDM focusing on video production.

     After completing a BA in Music from a Christian college in Oklahoma, Ricky spent 15 years as a worship leader before changing his focus to video and audio production. Working with multiple organizations including book and music publishers, churches, missions organizations, news stations, and the US Postal Service, he has produced hundreds short commercials, audiobooks, music videos, news reports, and training videos.

     In 2015 he helped the “Where Was God: Stories of Hope After the Storm” feature documentary find a successful distribution deal as well as placement on Netflix for two years. And in 2018, He directed an award winning short film called “Overdue”. 
     Currently, Ricky focuses on helping ministries with video production, hosts nerdy podcasts, operates multiple Christian focused social media pages, and serving his wife who has a total artificial heart and is prayerfully awaiting to be placed on the transplant list.

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