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Want a Gospel Impact That goes Beyond Your Reach?


We help everyday Christians become world-changing disciple-makers.

We catalyze movement through

coaching, community, and communication

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Paul Watson

Our Founder and

movement coach

Outside of its founders, no one has seen disciple-making movement without consistent coaching.

After growing up observing the founding of disciple-making movement, Paul Watson, co-author of Contagious Disciple Making, has spent his life leading and coaching others in disciple-making movement methods. His passion is to empower others in the special calling God has given each disciple and to lead them through the practical steps needed to see real fruit of the Kingdom that lasts. 

Speaking, strategy, creative problem-solving, leadership training, team development, and coaching are his specialties. 

Join the team of disciple-Makers from around the US and the world

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Join Our Community of Disciple Makers

Get connected with disciple-makers across the country and the world! 


- Join our online meetings where we share stories of our own journeys of practicing disciple-making.

- Participate in our Nationwide prayer community.

- Learn simple steps and ways to pray and care for those around you while sharing with them the good news of Jesus.

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We are putting together a committed team of disciple-makers to see a transformative movement of God here in the US and Canada!


Each team member will receive individual coaching and access to our exclusive CDM Leadership Team training, meetings, prayer community, and events

Join our  National CDM Leadership Team


Faith Works Media

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Whiteboard Training Videos

Watch more disciple-making videos

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Listen to the founders and leaders in disciple-making movement. Learn tips on how to be a disciple-maker no matter where you are.

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Get more information and training in creating movement. Webinars, books, and other resources to equip you for disciple-making.

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Insider News

Experience insider resources, news, and God-stories of answered prayer, Discovery Bible studies, baptisms, healings that aren't available to the public.




Movement DNA


A promise of the Kingdom is explosive growth. We can help you identify and apply the methods of movement to see this kingdom growth where you are.




Leadership Pipeline

How can you grow your next generation of leaders?Movement is about making disciples who make disciples who are fully equipped for leadership.






How can you reach your neighbors and entire surrounding community with the love and Gospel of Christ?  We can show you how.




outside the church walls

Broken families, orphans, abortion, poverty, violence: How can you meet the needs of those in your communities? Discover how you can make a real difference.

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