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4 Ways to Engage Unbelievers During the Pandemic

Updated: May 3, 2021

Creative opportunities for you to safely build relationships that can lead to Disciple Making Movements

In times of uncertainty and fear, Disciple-Makers have an even greater responsibility to bring hope to people who are far from God. The pandemic can't stop us from building relationships with unbelievers that develop into opportunities to help them discover God.

Here are four ways you can build relationships with the lost even in the middle of this pandemic:

Take Walks with Neighbors

COVID-19 makes it a little harder to have social gatherings or meet in people's homes. But that didn't stop Joleene! Listen to Joleene share here about how she builds relationships with lost women in her community through regular walks in the neighborhood. One of these walks led to a Discovery Bible Study!

Hike or Jog at Local Parks and Trails

Rebecca regularly goes on runs at a local park. God led her to meet Teresa, a fellow jogger on one of her runs. Multiple encounters over time developed into a friendship. Rebecca mobilized prayer for Teresa, gave her a bible, and eventually Teresa said "Yes!" to a DBS! Watch Rebecca tell the whole story.

Set up the Beanbag Sport, Cornhole, in Your Front Yard

Matt wanted a fun, friendly way to interact with his neighbors. So, he set up the beanbag-based game, Cornhole, in his front yard. Cornhole lets you stay 6-feet apart at all times, and is a ton of fun! Sure enough, a neighbor stopped to play awhile and a simple game led to an opportunity to start a DBS!

Go Tent Camping

Paul Watson just got back from a couple of weeks of tent camping. As he enjoyed time with family, he naturally and safely met and talked with neighboring campers at the KOA campground. God gave Paul opportunities to have some meaningful conversations with a couple of different people even while on vacation!


What Kind of Activities Lead to Making Disciples?

Listen to this podcast for tips on how to connect with people who don't know Jesus and have some amazing meaningful, spiritual, and discovery conversations!

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