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Conversation Quadrants: Everything You Need to Know

Updated: May 3, 2021

Learn how to have casual, meaningful, spiritual, and discovery conversations

We've been commissioned by Jesus to help our unbelieving friends, family, and neighbors discover God. How do we do that without being overly aggressive or passive?

Conversation Quadrants help you track your conversations with people who don't know Jesus. With this tool, you'll celebrate small steps, discern where to go next, and empower others to pray specifically for those you reach!

Our 4 Minute Video on Conversation Quadrants

Here's our Whiteboard Training Video on Conversation Quadrants. feel free to share it with your friends to introduce them to the concept, or play it for your Disciple Making Community to kickstart their disciple-making conversations:

Every Podcast on Conversation Quadrants

Check out these helpful podcasts on understanding and applying this tool in your relationships with unbelievers. Follow the blue links to listen to each podcast.

  1. Conversation Quadrants - CDM Podcast: This episode is all about how to have conversations and interactions with lost people that lead to Discovery Bible Study and eventually them falling in love with Jesus. We need to figure out A) where our conversations are going, B) how we get there, and C) how long it will take.

  2. How to Have Discovery Conversations - CDM Podcast: When it comes to engaging lost people for disciple making movements, we talk a lot about having conversations moving from casual to meaningful to spiritual to discovery. In this podcast, Paul Watson and Beck Ewing talk about that last category.

  3. How to Have Deep Discovery Conversations - CDM Podcast: This episode expands on the previous episode, explaining how to have conversations that actually go somewhere. We often aren't taught how to talk to people about Jesus and if we are, it's always about getting them to accept Jesus right then and there. So where should we take the conversation?

  4. Creating Safe Spaces for Discovery (Part 1): We want to have conversations that lead our non-believing friends to discover God. But it can be difficult to get there. We need to create a safe space for them to actually want to engage in that way. In this episode, Paul and Rebecca go over 3 ways to create those safe spaces.

  5. The Difference Between Discovery Conversations and DBS (Part 1): What's the line between talking about a Bible story and actually studying one? It can be hard to distinguish between a Discovery Conversation—connecting someone's struggle with a story from the Scriptures—and a Discovery Bible Study. While the former doesn't usually result in obedience and sharing with others, it is catalytic in starting a DBS. Learn about how to use both of these tools as you engage those around you.

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