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Every Podcast on Disciple Making Community

Updated: May 3, 2021

Help your Christian friends become multiplying disciple-makers.

We need a community who will join us in making disciples where we are. However, many Christians often struggle to have meaningful interactions with people who don’t know Jesus. They need more help in knowing how to live out the Great Commission within their everyday lives.

This webinar and the podcasts below will show you how to start your own Disciple Making Community. Learn the daily habits that will lead your community to love their neighbors in such a way that it gives them opportunities to help them discover God through reading His Word for themselves.

Listed below is every podcast mentioned in the Webinar, "The Disciple Making Community."

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A DMC instills the habits of prayer, obedience to the Word, sharing with others, fellowship, multiplication, and more. But how do these all fit together and play into the grander scheme of a movement?

Hear from one of our coached team members as he joins Paul and Beck in sharing how the prayer calendar has impacted his church. This episode is all about that element in a movement and how you can begin to bless others with having a prayer calendar too! It's pretty easy.

Starting a prayer movement seems like such a daunting task. In this episode, we focus on an extremely practical first step in mobilizing prayer for disciple making movements: the prayer calendar. Beck describes it as "a nail on which to hang the command to be daily praying for and edifying others."

Most of us have been in numerous Bible studies, but what about a Discovery Study? Is there a difference? And does the distinction matter when it comes to discipling people who don't yet know Jesus?

Are you too aggressive or too passive in your conversations about God? This episode is all about how to have conversations and interactions with lost people that lead to Discovery Bible Study and eventually them falling in love with Jesus.

This episode will go over some of the crucial ingredients to a DMC: Action-focused learning, prayer/engagement, meeting needs, accountability/encouragement, and celebration. This community happens all throughout the week, encouraging each other in all the ways we need to make disciples.

We believe in effective communication when it comes to getting people to pray. We've all tried raising prayer traditionally but in this episode we show you a different way; we create a prayer culture—where a community of people share unified prayer habits.

Here are some tips on telling your story (or rather your stories from day to day) on social media in order to create a spark in that future disciple maker. We've found that mobilizing someone to pray is one of the most effective ways to eventually mobilize them to make disciples.

This is often the toughest part of a DBS to get. But getting too good "I will" statements can be the difference between a group that multiplies and a group that doesn't.

How do we move Christians from couch potato to disciple maker? We cover how to help Christians start to see progress. It’s not about lowering the bar, but getting them started at a lower level—sometimes people just need steps broken down.

Starting a disciple making movement is a long journey; it's easy to get lost. So how do you know what you next step is when you wake up tomorrow morning? In this episode, we'll help you think through replacing fear, being overwhelmed, and laziness with intentionality, problem solving, and continual growth.

If you're going to make disciples, you need to build relationships with other people—specifically those who don't know Jesus. But it's hard to tell if our engagements with lost people are effective.Sometimes the gathering is all about the activity and leaves no room for conversation or true relationship building.

Volunteering is an excellent way to engage people who don't know Jesus. In the heat of meeting needs, we want to intentionally leave room for conversation and relationship building. And as disciple makers, we want to choose the volunteer opportunities that allow us to see the same people on a regular basis.

Dive into the importance of the "needs of the community" question in the Discovery Bible Study process. This is one of the steps that lead to multiplication and showing the community that you're being transformed by the Word.

Learn how to share stories and teach others to do the same, learn how prayer fits into this, and learn how your "I Will" action steps can be an opportunity to share the story.

Sharing a Bible story doesn’t come naturally for most Christians. Whether they don’t know what to say, are too afraid of what someone will think, or don’t have anyone to tell in the first place, it’s easy to leave this part out of a DBS or DMC. Here's how to help Christians get better at telling others what they’re learning in the Bible.


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