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Every Podcast You Didn't Know You Needed on Discovery Bible Study

Updated: May 3, 2021

Do you need an effective tool to reach unbelievers in your life? Are you already attempting to start Discovery Bible Studies but need practical training? We've got you covered.

Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is a simple tool to help lost people read, obey, and share God's Word so they become disciples of Jesus who multiply.

We hosted a free live webinar called "DBS That Multiply: Keys and Tips for Unlocking the Power of Discovery Bible Study." Nearly 150 people attended! Don't worry if you missed out—you can purchase the webinar recording here:

During the webinar, we mentioned a bunch of audio resources from The CDM Podcast to help you with all the steps of facilitating Discovery Bible Studies with unbelievers. Here are those podcasts:

Podcasts on Discovery Bible Study (DBS):

Additional Podcasts from the Webinar that help you start and multiply DBS:

Webinar + DBS Podcasts bundle

Save $12 and receive the "DBS That Multiply" Webinar and every podcast episode mentioned therein in one convenient package! Click here to grab the deal.

For more weekly practical tips on disciple-making, listen to the Free CDM PodcastiTunes/Apple Podcasts and Spotify

If you'd like to listen to Part 2 of every episode and support our work, sign up for the Premium CDM Podcast for $5/mo on Patreon

Let's make disciples together and see His Kingdom come!

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