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How God Moved Through Prayer and Fasting

Chloe is a disciple maker in CDM’s coached community who has been discipling a woman named Mary for a while now. In this Story of the Week, we have the privilege of hearing from Chloe as she shares about a victory that came through God moving in a time or prayer and fasting. Here’s Chloe to share in her own words!

God Had Worked Mightily Through Chloe’s Relationship with Mary in the Past


    Hi, my name is Chloe and today I want to share an encouraging story about the power of prayer and fasting.

I have a dear friend named Mary whom many of you in the CDM community have been praying for for a couple of years now, about as long as I’ve been discipling her. It’s an amazing story of how God worked in her life and connected us and what He’s done since then. You can read about that here.

We started doing a Discovery Bible Study together and then she eventually started doing one with her friends and family. She was being obedient to the things she was reading and was diligent about sharing them with others. Things were going really well and God was doing amazing things in and through Mary.

Then We Got Stuck 

After a while it became increasingly difficult to stay in touch. I asked people to pray for God to keep things going so we wouldn’t lose the progress we’d made, but there was just this barrier. She wanted to stop meeting and it was impossible to even get together for something as simple as coffee. I would bring it up in various prayer meetings, but just wasn’t seeing any breakthrough.     

  I felt like Mary was trying to avoid me, and that was frustrating.

Chloe Prayed for Mary During a Time of Fasting    

I’m part of the coached community here at CDM and my coaching group and I decided to dedicate one day a week to praying and fasting. It was a time we committed to each week in which we would share prayer requests with one another and pray for the people we were engaging and discipling.      

The first time we did that — about a month ago  — I was praying personally when I felt led to pray for Mary and her family, so I did.

The Very Next Day, Mary Texted! 

She texted me out of the blue, after at least two months of silence! She shared that she was still reading the Bible, that she still had a desire to obey God and share the stories with others, and that she was sorry for pushing me away.      

“When can we get together?”  She texted.      

I was stunned! I could barely contain my excitement! I immediately wanted to text back and get something set up.

Continued Prayer for Breakthrough

My current circumstances have continued to make meeting with Mary difficult and, as of yet, we haven’t been able to get anything concrete on the books.

That said, I see the fact that Mary reached out after months of silence as a big victory and a testament to the power of God working through prayer and fasting.

So, I would love continued prayer for God to make a way and show me how to proceed in my relationship with Mary. And I am looking forward to getting to share with you all how God moves next!

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