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Miracles, Dreams, and Discovering God

Updated: May 3, 2021

Chloe is a missionary and disciple-maker to Muslims in a closed country in the Middle East. In May 2020, God lead people to Himself through Chloe’s online Discovery Bible Studies, dreams, and miracles.

Miracles: How Online Discovery Opened Lead to Healing

My church began hosting gatherings via Zoom video call because of COVID-19 restrictions. One girl began to attend our service on Zoom. Because of PTSD, she hadn’t left her house in 4 years. Though COVID-19 created restrictions for many, God used it to open a door for her to attend online!

We developed a friendship. She was inquisitive and curious about the Bible so I asked her, “Do you want to discover God through His Word?” She agreed, so I asked, “Who else do you know who might like to join?” She invited a friend from Australia and another from an Islamic nation.

Last week, my friend invited me to her house for the first time! To help with her PTSD, we lead her to pray, giving forgiveness, renouncing lies, and asking Jesus for truth. God poured out His love to her, showing her He is a good Father.

That day she left her house for the first time in years! No medication! No anxiety! Since then, she has been going out every day. She tried explaining it to her friends and they said she didn’t make any sense! She said she felt like she was floating.

Despite her many questions about religion, I keep pointing her back to the Scripture stories we read. She is consistently sharing the stories with her family, who are very influential in their community. They are seeing the change in her life daily. Now, many people all over the world have been praying for her—and God is answering their prayers!

Discovery: The Power of Group Correction

I’m facilitating another DBS on Zoom with three friends who are nominal Christians from across the globe. We recently discussed the Fall of Man and Noah stories. One girl said, “Oh wow, in the beginning, God was so loving, but this is so harsh!” In that moment, I felt the need to defend God and explain everything to them. But I held my tongue and let the Spirit work.

I saw the power of group correction at work! Another girl in the group pointed out how God is actually merciful. He gave people a choice, but they made the choice to rebel. Later, the girl who was doubtful in the beginning shared all the stories she’d read with a Muslim coworker!

Dreams: A Dream Leads a Man to Seek Jesus

I met another young man from the closed nation I’m serving in. He was argumentative, asking many questions about religion and politics. In the end, I told him, “One day, you will encounter God, and that will change you.”

A year later, I was praying because I didn’t know how to evangelize in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic. I cried out to God, “Okay God, all the seeds I’ve ever planted—water them, Lord!”

That same week, the same guy messaged me saying, “I had a dream—tell me more about your religion!” In his dream, he walked into a church and a man looked at him and said, “God is here.”

“Interesting,” I remarked. “Do you think God might be trying to tell you something?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t had any confirmation since then, so I think it was just a dream. However, I’m interested in Jesus!” Then he started asking about my religion and all the rules. I didn’t reply to all those questions.

“The best way to learn about my religion is to know about my God,” I told him, “And the best way to know about Him is by reading His stories!”

He repeatedly emphasized that he was not a Christian. I said, “Alright, but do you still want to read the stories?”

“Okay, fine, I’ll read the stories!” So, I asked him if he knew anyone else who’d like to join our DBS. He mentioned a friend in Malaysia who would join!

Pray that God would encounter your lost friends through dreams and visions! 95% of Muslims who come to faith have dreams of Jesus.

Lessons Learned from Chloe’s Stories

God used COVID-19 to open doors! All of Chloe’s friends made steps to grow closer to God in their own way in 2020.

God hears prayers! God strengthened Chloe’s friend through her PTSD and sent dreams to her Muslim friend because of prayer.

Taking a step back can move you forward! Chloe didn’t interfere when a member from her DBG questioned God’s nature, allowing space for the group to correct her!

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