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Reaching a 2nd Generation DBS

Updated: May 3, 2021

Chloe, a member of CDM's coached team, is seeing God move through Discovery Bible Studies with friends who were far from God. By God's grace and a lot of hard work, Chloe is coaching a 2nd generation DBS!

Hilda Takes the Lead

As I’ve shared before, my friend Hilda struggled with PTSD and anxiety attacks when I first met her. We asked God to heal her and He did! Almost immediately, she began a Discovery Bible Study (DBS)with me and a friend. As the study progressed, Hilda experienced more and more freedom as she obeyed God’s Word.

Hilda’s mother noticed her transformation. One day, she pulled me aside, “I want to learn how to do those prayers that you do to help my daughter! Can you teach me?”

“Yeah!” I exclaimed, “Let’s talk!”

In that moment, I realized if I wanted Hilda to make disciples, I needed to step aside and let God use her to speak to her mom.

Later on, I asked Hilda, “Have you thought about sharing the Bible stories we’re reading with your mom?”

“Oh,” Hilda replied, “I should do that—yeah!”

Then I asked Hilda, “Does your mom know anyone who might like to read the Bible with her?”

Hilda asked her mom and her mom invited two of her sisters to form a new Discovery Group. They agreed! Last week, Hilda led her own Discovery Group with her mom and her mom’s sisters! This is a second-generation Discovery Group!

Hilda Facilitates While I Just Encourage

Prior to the group, Hilda told me she was nervous, so I agreed to come along to encourage her as she led the DBS. She led the DBS well! My careful adherence to the questions when I led my DBS with Hilda provided her the foundation to lead with confidence!

When they asked, “If this passage is true, how should we change this week?” Hilda’s mom was vehement that everyone’s “I Will” statements should be practical and actionable.

That's the beauty of the group process - God uses seekers to help other seekers stay on track!

Several days later, Hilda’s mom shared she had a sore foot. Hilda and I prayed for her, and her foot was healed!

Hilda’s mom was amazed, “I want to know how I can share with people about God and what He is doing in our lives!”

“You know, Mom,” Hilda answered, “the more you read God’s stories, the more you’ll have ideas of what to tell people. That’s why we share God’s stories!” I was overjoyed to see Hilda teaching her mom an important part of being a disciple of Jesus so soon.

Lessons in Multiplication

Prayer displays God's power and draws people to Himself. Praying for Hilda's struggles set her on a journey of discovery and freedom. Then, when Hilda and I prayed for her mom's healing, her mom shared the Good News herself!

Seekers should take the lead from the beginning. If I had jumped into teaching Hilda's mom, I would have curtailed multiplication. And, if I had facilitated the new Discovery Group myself, Hilda wouldn't have learned how to lead!

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