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Prayer Calendars Led to a DBS with an Atheist

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Kingsley and his brother Ben started a Disciple Making Community with their siblings and extended family. They showed them how to do their own Prayer Calendar, writing down 30 names and calling or texting one person each day to pray for them.

One morning, their brother-in-law Kyle woke up with a burden to connect with an atheist friend but didn’t really know how. Later that day, Ben reached out to Kyle since he was on his Prayer Calendar. Kyle expressed how timely it was based on the burden God laid on his heart!

Later that day, Kingsley’s other brother-in-law Chris contacted Kyle, who was on his Prayer Calendar, as well. When Chris reached out, Kyle recognized with clarity that God was behind this. Kyle’s eyes welled with tears as he knew he had all the prayer and support he needed to talk to his childhood friend.

After they prayed for him, Kyle called his friend and had an amazing conversation that lasted for multiple hours. That interaction eventually led to a Discovery Bible Study that continues to this day!

Lessons Learned from Ben and Kingsley God knows our prayer needs and uses prayer calendars to meet them! If Kingsley and Ben’s family didn’t use their prayer calendars, Kyle may not have connected with his atheist friend!

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