Summer of Fasting with CDM

Fasting should be something we do frequently throughout our lives, not just once or twice a year during a special event. So how do we make fasting and prayer a weekly focus?

There’s a lot going on in our world today. The federal protection of Roe vs. Wade was just overturned by the Supreme Court, which is amazing, but there are still more battles to be fought there, we are still in the midst of a pandemic, and our cities are more plagued than ever with apathy, division, confusion and fear. With all that’s happening we need to seek God’s face and His will daily, both in our alone time with Him and in community. In today’s mini blog, we’re going to focus on the Fasting Prayer Guide — specifically how you can implement it personally and with others this summer.

You can download the Prayer and Fasting Guide here or find it on the CDM App in the carousel.

Fasting Personally

We encourage you to use the Fasting Prayer Guide personally, as well as with friends, family and the larger CDM community. The most effective way to share this and mobilize others to do it is to start by doing it yourself. We lead from the front by making prayer and fasting regular disciplines in our lives.

Fasting should be something that is challenging for you. It’s a time to give up something good in order to be present with God. This could be:

  • Denying yourself a particular food you enjoy

  • Skipping a meal

  • Refraining from an activity you normally look forward to.

However you choose to fast, what’s important is that you make a plan on how you are going to proceed and then stick with it. Pick a time that will allow you to give your best to God and then spend it in prayer for the amount of time you would’ve been enjoying that food, meal or activity.

You can always fast and pray more throughout your day, but whatever the time is that you choose to set aside to be with God, don’t miss it. You are spending it with the Lord!

Use the daily prompts laid out in the Fasting Prayer Guide as a pattern to direct your prayer and fasting times.

  • Read through the Scripture listed for the day.