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Connecting During COVID-19

Updated: May 3, 2021

This week marks the first anniversary of social distancing, masks, and unpredictability due to COVID-19. Despite the limitations, we've taken measures to connect to our loved ones through creative means. Many of us have resorted to video-chatting and weekly phone calls to stay in touch with our friends and family members. However, with limitations on what we can do, it can feel dull and repetitive at times. Below, we've compiled a list of fun ideas that you can try to make your conversations and connection more exciting!


Want an avenue to talk about meaningful things with people on a regular basis? A book study would be the perfect opportunity! Get a group to choose a book that's thought-provoking (whether fiction or non-fiction) and meet every week on a video chat to discuss it. People have more time to read now, and this is a very reasonable thing to invite someone to.


How about a virtual dinner date? All you need is to do a live call with a friend. You then simply cook together via video, following the same steps, and you can enjoy your meal with someone! It's something you're already doing, cheaper than DoorDash, healthy, and a great way to have conversation.


Unlimited players can play this easy game! And it works great for a Zoom call. The more answers they have in common with other players, the more points they get. Think like the hive! 1. Have everyone get a paper and pencil. 2. Take turns asking a question like "What are 3 things harder to do with braces?" or "What are 4 words that start with "L"?" 3. Everyone secretly writes down their answers. 4. Go around sharing and seeing how many similar answers you got!


Another excellent group game! No materials required. As seen on Jimmy Fallon! Hop on a video call with your friends. Divide into two teams. There’s one word (the password) that one player on each team knows, and both are trying to get their teammate to guess the word first by taking turns giving one-word clues.


If you and your friend don't pay for one of the 10,000 movie streaming services, try "Open Culture." Watch 1,150 movies free online. Includes classics, indies, film noir, documentaries and other films, created by some of our greatest actors, actresses and directors. Screen-share it on Zoom or just press play at the same time while on FaceTime!


Invite people to record and submit short videos of themselves demonstrating their talent, edit the clips together, maybe even get a couple MCs to record some hammy transitions between acts, and then host a watch party when the video drops online. Otherwise, have them take turns performing live on Zoom! Could be a song, an instrument, a weird double-jointed body thing, or just a few minutes

of stand-up comedy.


Start up a screen-share with your friends and try out Google’s arts and culture collection. It has virtual tours of 500 top attractions around the world, including national galleries from around the world, individual artist museums, and even the Eiffel Tower.


We all need a bit of fresh air and miss seeing each other. Invite a friend to go on a walk with you. The weather is good and, as long as you keep your distance, it's a safe way to talk to someone face to face!


The website 7 Cups connects you to caring listeners for free emotional support. You can sign up to be a volunteer listener! How else could you connect with someone in another part of the country who needs someone like you? Who knows what it could lead to!

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