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COVID-19 was the Best Thing for Our Campus Ministry

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Whenever Clayton’s campus missionary, Morgan, tried to start a Discovery Bible Study or find a person of peace, things got in the way. No one would show up and the commitment level was always low. Whether it was, “the commute is too long,” or “I have too much work,” the whole spring semester presented much resistance.

When Spring Break hit, the campus went online due to the pandemic. Morgan combed the contacts she had made throughout the year and started inviting people to do Bible studies.

Because everything was virtual, not only did Morgan begin a Discovery Bible Study, but more people got involved than ever before! They saw multiplication as people were stuck at home and asking if their families could join. Clayton said, “COVID was probably the best thing that could have happened to this campus ministry!”

Lessons Learned from Clayton

God can and will use our misfortunes and hardships to grow His Kingdom! He takes and gives according to His will.

COVID-19 brought uncertainty, hardship, and disconnection in many people’s lives. Yet, God used it to develop fruits in Clayton and Morgan’s campus ministry.

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