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Discovery Bible Study Questions

Updated: May 3, 2021

The what, why, and how behind DBS

Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is a tool used by disciple-makers around the world to help non-believers discover God by reading His Word, obeying it, and sharing it with others.

Here are the core questions of the Discovery Bible Study. To learn why each of these questions were specifically crafted, keep reading below.

If you're looking for lists of Bible passages for use alongside these DBS questions, here is the Creation to Christ Scripture list.

Introductory Questions

1. What are you thankful for this week?

2. What has stressed you out this week? What do you need for things to be better?

3. What are the needs of the people in your community?

4. How can we help each other with the needs we expressed?

Follow-up Questions

5. What did we talk about last week?

6. Did you change anything in your life as a result of last week’s story?

7. Did you get a chance to share the story with [the person they identified]?

8. We identified several needs last week and planned to meet those needs. How did it go?

Focus on the Passage

9. Say: Let’s see what the Bible teaches us this week. Read this week’s passage.

10. Ask for someone to retell the passage in their own words. Like they were telling a friend who wasn’t there.

11. Do you agree with their retelling? Is there something they added or left out that they shouldn’t have? As long as the group doesn’t miss a key component of the passage, continue. If they miss something, read the passage again. If someone states something that isn’t in the passage, ask, “Where did you find [what they said] in this passage?” Reread the passage, if necessary.

12. What does this passage teach us about God?

13. What does this passage teach us about humanity?

14. If we believe this passage is from God, how must we change?

15. Who are you going to share this passage with before we meet again?


Why These Questions?

Each of the Discovery Questions is critical for embedding the DNA of church within the lives of men and women as they are being discipled into a relationship with Jesus.

Removing any of the questions entirely will severely impact the group's ability to multiply into another group.

Most Important Parts of the Study

Discovery Questions: Let the group observe and answer the questions for themselves. Do not teach the answers so that they can learn the skill of discovering and obeying God for themselves. Only guide them to answer the questions based on the passage only.

Accountability questions: Follow up with each commitment every member makes from the week before. Problem solve any issues and celebrate progress. People in the group will eventually stop following through with their commitments to help others, obey, and share the passage with others if we don’t hold them accountable.

Needs of the community: This is the Second Greatest Commandment: loving your neighbor as yourself. Showing care and concern for others attracts them to God and His Word.

Obedience question: Help each seeker form small, specific action commitments called “I Will” statements based on the answers to the Discovery questions. Through these small commitments, they experience the transformation created by daily personal obedience.

Sharing question: As the seekers show care and concern for others and change their lives because of the stories, their sharing the stories with others will reveal the reason for their transformation and will attract them to want to try Discovery Bible Study themselves.


Start Your Own Discovery Bible Study

Find the Creation to Christ Scripture list here.

To learn more about facilitating successful Discovery Bible Studies, watch our webinar “DBS that Multiply.”

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