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I Started a DBS With a Stranger!

"I've always wanted a Bible but didn't know how to get one!"

As Rebeca was jogging in the park and God told her to go up and talk to a fellow jogger. She hesitated, but God persisted and she eventually introduced herself and had an opportunity to pray for her. Upon running into each other a second time, she continued the relationship. The third time they met, Rebeca gave her a Bible and asked a simple question, "Would you like to read it together?" The answer was yes!

Rebeca goes to a church in Texas pastored by Michael Dorsett, one of our coached team members. She has learned how to pray for the lost and help them discover God through the Bible. And now she gets to apply it!

Watch the video above to hear Rebeca tell the whole story.

And here's a follow-up video from Rebeca about how the DBS is going and an amazing a-ha moment they had from Genesis:

Would you like to learn how to start a Discovery Bible Study with someone in your community? It's not too complicated—anyone can do it! Check out this 4-minute video showing you how:

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