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Prayer Calendar: All the Resources You Need to Start a Prayer Movement

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Learn the habit that helps you pray with others every day!

“We are talking specifically about one of the most important aspects of disciple making out there." —Paul Watson

What crucially important aspect of disciple-making are we talking about? You guessed it—prayer! However, starting a prayer movement seems like such a daunting task.

The prayer calendar is an extremely practical first step in mobilizing prayer for Disciple Making Movements. Rebecca Ewing describes it as "a nail on which to hang the command to be daily praying for and edifying others."

In this CDM Podcast episode, How the Prayer Calendar Starts Prayer Movement, we go into detail on how to start your own prayer calendar and how it feeds into prayer movement. We emphasize how prayer habits are more important than prayer events. We also share a bunch of stories of how people have used the prayer calendar successfully. We hope this helps you start doing a prayer calendar even today!

Our 2 Minute Video On the Prayer Calendar

Whether you're completely new to the prayer calendar or want a simple way to share and explain the concept to others, this video is for you!

Learn About the Community Prayer Calendar

During this time of global crisis and social distancing, we have a unique opportunity to help those around us who don't know Jesus. We've developed a tool that builds upon the original Prayer Calendar called the Community Prayer Calendar where you call a non-believing friend each day to check in, see how you can help, and offer prayer. Imagine how we could affect our communities by simply reaching out to them in this time. Watch this video to see how it works!

All Podcasts on the Prayer Calendar

The prayer calendar is a simple tool, but that doesn't mean it is easy to maintain the habit or instill it in others. Over the past year, we've created a collection of podcasts you to help you with every aspect of starting a prayer movement. Here are those podcasts:

  1. How the Prayer Calendar Starts Prayer Movement: We already mentioned this episode above, but it's basically the quintessential podcast on the prayer calendar, so we figured we'd list it here as well!

  2. How the Prayer Calendar Can Develop a Prayer Culture in Your Church or Community: In this episode, one of our coached team members joins us! Hear from Michael as he joins Paul and Beck in sharing how the prayer calendar has impacted his church. This episode is all about that element in a movement and how you can begin to bless others with having a prayer calendar too! It's pretty easy.

  3. Tips on Building Prayer Habits: Getting to movement means doing more prayer than we normally do. How do we build the prayer habits we need to be disciple makers? We talk about the prayer calendar, but what else should we be doing? In today's episode, Paul and Beck give practical tips on setting aside 30 minutes a day, not seeing prayer as a checklist, and how to use The Lord's Prayer for Great Commission work.

  4. 3 Ways to Change Our Nation During COVID-19: What does it look like for the body of Christ to take responsibility during a crisis? In this episode, you'll learn about: 1) taking advantage of online community, 2) digging deep in intercession, and 3) a new type of prayer calendar you can use to love those who don't know Jesus. If you want to know how to navigate this crisis as a follower of Christ, then this episode is for you!

  5. The Simplest Way to Develop Disciple Making Coaches: How can the prayer calendar develop coaches? It helps people develop the skills necessary to do basic leadership development. If you're multiplying your calendar, you're learning the skills of celebration-based accountability, problem-solving, and multiplication; how can I help you help someone else do something? Choose 2-5 people to train in the prayer calendar and call them up each week to see how it's going. Listen to this episode to learn more!

  6. The Only Way to Mobilize the Prayer Calendar: Being able to multiply a Prayer Calendar is just as important as personally practicing it. Just like everything in DMM, the goal is to pass it along. In this episode, discover the key to helping others engage in prayer by starting their own Prayer Calendar. Start with just 5 friends, and see hundreds mobilized to prayer. Let's start a prayer movement together!

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