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Why We Joined the DMC Summer Missions Initiative

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Join Davisha and Christine in taking the plunge into the DMC Summer Missions Initiative!

Davisha and Christine's team in Texas want to spark a revival in God’s people by loving their city and neighbors. They will use all the activities they love about summer (like BBQs, sports, and hiking) and missions to serve their community, develop relationships, and share Jesus with the lost who are around them every day.

Read below or watch the interview to see what led them to this decision and why you should join with your community as well.

Why We Joined the DMC Summer Missions Initiative

Davisha: Hey guys! My name is Davisha from Liberty, Texas. For the past two years, a few members of our church and I have been doing the Disciple-Making Community process. We've recently opened it up for the Summer Missions Initiative! Today, Miss Christine has joined us! Miss Christine, how did you decide to join this summer initiative? Christine: Well, my heart has always been on the mission field. And since we're doing this in our home town, I think it means more to me than having to get on an airplane and leave because I live in this community. I know these people. I've seen their struggles. So I know what they face because I live the life that they live. It's not like going across the ocean to another country and into whole different kind of culture. But here, I know the people! How can you be in America today and not know Jesus? That's the question I'm always asking myself when I see people. How can you be in America today and not know Jesus? How can you live, here, in this world we live in, in this country, with freedom to praise God and worship Him, but not even know Him?

How We Want to See Our Community Transformed

Davisha: What do you want to see happen in this community through the Summer Missions Initiative? Christine: To see families transformed. The family unit is so important, and the Devil has just been busy destroying it over the past few hundred years—or forever, actually. I just want to see families restored. There's so many kids that go to church without their parents. There's so many wives that come to church without their husbands. There's so many family units that are going through family violence and addictions. The Devil just has them in darkness—there's no light in their world. I want to see light come into their eyes and see their countenance change because something inside of them has changed. Davisha: And I assume that's what you're praying to see happen? Christine: Yes, of course! For souls to come out of darkness, because that's what the Lord desires. Davisha: Me and Miss Christine just want to encourage whoever is watching this to jump on board! We're in America—if we want to see America changed, we have to do it. It's about going through the process of taking time and just loving on people. We just want to encourage you guys to do that! We love you guys, bye fam!


Join the DMC Summer Missions Initiative!

We at Contagious Disciple Making are calling on churches from around North America to focus on our God-given call to local mission through the DMC Summer Missions Initiative. You will use all of the things you love about summer and missions to develop relationships with the lost who are around us every day. Contact us at by clicking below or watch the video above if you want to learn more and start a team in your area!


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