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If Your Church Disappeared, Would Your Neighborhood Care?

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

My feathers are thoroughly ruffled.

I can't stop thinking about what I heard in this week's CDM Podcast episode, “Microshifts to Change any Christian Group into a Disciple-Making Gathering.” In the podcast, host Beck Ewing mentioned a conversation she had with friend about issues they saw in the church at large. At one point, her friend made a statement that has stuck with her:

"You know what?" he said, "I feel like if half of the churches in our city just evaporated off of the face of the map, nobody would notice."

This begs the question—why wouldn't our cities miss us?

  • Have we failed to be the city on a hill that cannot be hidden? To be salt and light in the darkness?

  • Are we a benefit to those who live around us?

  • How can we have a meaningful, lasting impact?

  • How can we help our existing church gatherings, small groups, and life groups meet real needs and multiply disciples of Jesus?

Thankfully, shifting our existing gatherings into ones that make a difference doesn’t have to require much. If you’d like to find out how and get some answers to these questions, listen for free to the podcast I mentioned above called, "Microshifts to Change any Christian Group into a Disciple-Making Gathering." If you'd like to hear Part 2 that goes even more in-depth, become a Patreon supporter for $5 a month.

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